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Welcome on the Homepage of Evangelical – lutheran congregation Bodonci!


The Evangelical – lutheran congregation Bodonci was settled already in 1792, but the protestants had lived in that area from the ages of Luther's Reformation.


The first, wooden church was placed on the idylic hill of Bodonci. The hill was given to the protestants for managing on 12th June in 1792 by the Count Peter Szapáry. The church was built soon after settling of the church community. The only fact about it is that it was made of wood; all the other documents about it are lost.


 The basic stone of the (new) modern church was placed there on 20th April 1899. The church was finished on 10th December 1899 when it was also blessed and given to its purpose by the Bishop Ferenc Gyurátz.

The plan for the church was made by architect Daniel Placotta from Budapest. Its interier plan is similar to the middle-age basilica, with a nave and two transepts. The inside part is decorated with semicircular arches of bricks that are bell-shaped, and lie on eight pillars. The outside part of the church is enriched with high windows; they are divided into to halves, and round at the top. The choir is not only beside the organ but also above both transepts.


 The wooden altar was made by the professional joiner Ferencz Kuras from Radgona. The altar painting (oil paint on canvas) which represents Jesus on The Oil Mountain (Getsemani) is the work by an unknown author; it does not contain a signature. There is a wooden pulpit with the roof above it.

The great organ manual is mechanic; it has nine stop knobs. It was bought in 1872 and finally restored in 1990.

The Bodonci church is one of the most popular gathering points for organized groups, and also accidental travellers who discover the beauties of Goričko Nature Park.

We are available for sightseeing and guiding through the church after previous appointment.

The Evangelical – lutheran congregation in Bodonci is made of 380 families and souls, 1410 members altogether, in the following villages: Beznovci, Bodonci, Kruplivnik, Motovilci, Poznanovci, Radovci, Skakovci, Strukovci, Vadarci, Zenkovci, Cankova and Topolovci. There are a few protestants in the last two.

Activities of the church community are typicaly religious. We have Sunday and holiday God's services in Bodonci and in its branch in Poznanovci. Except those, our work is dedicated to the concern of children, religious education, children that will get the Confirmation, and other youth.

 We are also active on  the charity area. With the help of the Protestant charity organization – »Podpornica« - and our church committee, we take care of the elderly and socialy weak members of the community. Occasionally, we visit them, help them financially, and daily supply them with a warm meal.

The church community is also interested in important events and occasions of its members, like some round birthdays, anniversaries of the Confirmation and the weddings as well.

The community is managed by the church committee or presbyteria, which is made of 36 male and female members; the representatives of it are the pastor and (a female) inspector.

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